LA Mayor Responds to Reports of Trump Homeless Intervention

By Ilene Eng

A mayor in Southern California responded to President Trump reportedly asking his aids to find solutions to the region’s growing homeless population.

At a job fair for students and the homeless, Eric Garcetti, mayor of Los Angeles, said he thought the city was already making headway on the problem.

“We’re willing to work with anybody who is genuine in their desire to help save lives. Whether it’s federal authorities who have land if they bring resources and want to open up new beds,” said Garcetti.

He thinks the reported visit by aides of President Donald Trump to scope out housing is a political stunt.

The Trump administration is reportedly looking at using facilities owned by the federal government to house homeless people.

According to a study released last month, the homeless population in Los Angeles County increased by 12 percent compared to the previous year, even though the county housed the most people in 2018.

Garcetti believes that their solutions to hiring, prevention, and housing would work, and hopes that White House officials would listen to their local team.

“I gave a letter to President Trump, that outlines the specific things he could do tomorrow to help us accelerate our solutions in LA,” said Garcetti.

He said he has worked with both Democratic and Republican administrations before, so he will work with everyone to solve the problem.

Annie Wang contributed to the report.