Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra Korean Premiere Praised by Audiences


The Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra began its Asia tour this season at Daegu Concert House in South Korea on Sept. 17. The music touched the souls of the participants. Audience members felt the blend of the Eastern and Western musical instruments created a whole new experience.

Jürgen Engisch is a director at European missile manufacturer MBDA and is in charge of the South Korea PATRIOT program. He came to see the debut performance of Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra in Daegu with his wife. They were mesmerized by the orchestra’s performance.

“It was excellent, wonderful!” Mr. Engisch said, pointing out that the orchestra combines traditional Chinese instruments with classical Western instruments. “The performance of each artist was excellent, I love it. It was great; it goes directly to your heart.”

“Very impressive. I really love the music and the whole show, and I was impressed about the big, big orchestra—so many people—and it sounds really great,” said Mr Engisch’s wife Nati Engisch, “I really wonder how it all fits together, you know. It really was very interesting to hear this, and harmonic, and everything, so I like it very much.”

NTD Photo
Jürgen Engisch and his wife Nati Engisch (C) along with a friend attend the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra performance at the Daegu Concert House on Sept. 17, 2017. (The Epoch Times)

Jeong Ukhee is a music professor at Kyungpook National University. She was also impressed by the blend of Eastern and Western musical traditions in the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra performance.

“I watched the performance. It was excellent. They seem to have found the meeting point of East and West. Chinese music is so vibrant and dynamic. It was simply outstanding. The blend of Eastern and Western civilization, it cannot be found in any other symphony orchestra performances—I really appreciated that. It had the musical soul of China.”

NTD News in Daegu, South Korea contributed to this report

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