Trump Responds to Pelosi After She Reportedly Said She Wanted Him Jailed

The feud between President Donald Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), the current head of the Democratic party, escalated another notch this week after Pelosi reportedly said she wanted to see Trump in prison and the president responded by calling her “nasty” and “vindictive.”

The openly anti-Trump Washington Post and Politico reported, citing anonymous officials, that Pelosi made the comments during a meeting on June 4.

“I don’t want to see him impeached. I want to see him in prison,” Pelosi reportedly said.

pelosi responds to mueller statement
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) responds to reporters as she departs after meeting with all the House Democrats on May 22, 2019. (J. Scott Applewhite/AP Photo)

The sources claimed that Pelosi is hoping that Trump is defeated in 2020 and prosecuted for crimes that were not specified.

Democrats have harped on Trump’s alleged crimes despite special counsel Robert Mueller delivering an underwhelming report that exonerated him on the charge that he colluded with Russia and seemed to focus on possible obstruction amid years of conspiracy theories about Trump being under Russian President Vladimir Putin’s thumb.

Trump responded to Pelosi’s alleged comments while in France for a D-Day commemoration, telling the openly pro-Trump Fox News that Pelosi “is a disgrace.”

“I actually don’t think she’s a talented person,” the president said. “I’ve tried to be nice to her because I would have liked to have gotten some deals done. She’s incapable of doing deals. She’s a nasty, vindictive, horrible person.”

“Nancy Pelosi’s a disaster, OK, she’s a disaster and let her do what she wants, you know what? I think they’re in big trouble because when you look at the kind of crimes that were committed, and I don’t need any more evidence, and I guess from what I’m hearing there’s a lot of evidence coming in,” Trump added, referring to how Mueller’s investigation relied in part on the dossier prepared by an ex-British spy paid by his 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton.

Pelosi’s office has not confirmed or denied the comments, instead confirming that a meeting took place.

Pelosi declined to respond publicly to the president, telling reporters while at a ceremony in France: “I don’t talk about the president while I’m out of the country. That’s my principle.”

Amid rising homelessness and crime in Pelosi’s home district in California, Trump said the Congresswoman isn’t doing her duty to her constituents.

“Ask Nancy, why is her district [having] drug needles all over the place? It’s the most disgusting thing what she’s allowed to happen to her district, with needles, with drug addicts… with people living on the sidewalk,” he told Fox.

Trump was on a multi-day trip to Europe, spending time with the royal family in the United Kingdom before traveling to Normandy for the D-Day commemorations. Trump also spent time in Ireland, staying at his golf course there.