Three-Legged Dog Rescues Baby Buried Alive by Mother

By Tiffany Meier

A three-legged dog is being called a hero in Thailand for rescuing a newborn baby after the infant’s 15-year-old mother tried to hide her pregnancy by burying her baby alive.

The dog, named Ping Pong, kept up incessant barking which caught the attention of its owner, who then spotted an infant’s leg sticking up out of the ground.

“I heard a dog barking and a baby crying in a cassava plantation, so I went there to check. The dog was digging up a dirt pile and the baby’s legs emerged,” owner Usa Nisaikha, told the Bangkok Post.

The 41-year-old farmer found the baby in time. After rushing the baby to the local hospital, Chum Phuang Hospital, doctors cleaned the 5.2-pound baby up and declared him healthy.

“The baby is recovering and he is healthy,” governor of the Nakhon Ratchasima area, Wichian Chantharanothai, told Daily Mail.

Police said they have arrested the mother and charged her with child abandonment and attempted murder.

Lt. Col. Panuwat Puttakam, of Chum Phuang police station, told the Bangkok Post, that although the girl is underage, the police are still bound by law to charge her. She will be interrogated in the presence of child service workers, he added.

She will also be treated for her mental health.

“The girl is now in the care of a psychologist and her parents because she is in great fear. She regrets what she did and said she acted on impulse without thinking it through. She feared her parents would find out she had been pregnant,” the officer said.

While the girl’s parents have offered to raise the child, authorities have not yet decided whether to allow it or not.

“The parent of the mother have offered to take care of the baby when he leaves hospital but that has not been agreed yet. A team of police and government welfare workers need to consider the safety of the children,” governor Chantharanothai told Daily Mail.

“Police officers are preparing to prosecute the mother but she is also a child and we must consider her mind and be professional. It is important that she is nurtured and treated fairly,” governor Chantharanothai, told the Bangkok Post.

Police said they were able to identify the girl after she had bought “an usually large number of sanitary napkins” at the time.

Meanwhile the dog’s owner said his dog had three legs because of a previous accident with a car.

“I kept him because he’s so loyal and obedient, and always helps me out when I go to the fields to tend to my cattle,” he told Khaosod English. “He’s loved by the entire village. It’s amazing.”

After the story made headlines, three-legged Ping Pong was being called the hero of Korat’s Tha Talat community for helping save the newborn. “Everybody in the village is amazed by what he has done now. He is a hero because he saved the life of the baby,” Nisaika said.