Teen Ran out With a $2 Beer. Memphis Store Clerk Followed Him and Shot Him Dead

A jury found a grocery clerk guilty of killing a 17-year-old boy who ran out of the store with a beer he didn’t pay for in Memphis, authorities said.

Anwar Ghazali was convicted of second-degree murder after a four-day trial, Shelby County District Attorney General Amy Weirich said on Aug. 16. He will be sentenced on Sept. 23.

“This defendant took it upon himself to be the judge and jury and the executioner over a $2 beer,” prosecutor Lora Fowler said, according to CNN affiliate WMC.

The shooting happened in March 2018, after Dorian Harris walked out of the Top Stop Shop with a beer without paying, Weirich said.

Ghazali pulled out a handgun and followed him, firing several times. He didn’t call the police, but told a witness as he returned to the store, “I think I shot him.”

Harris was shot at least three times and was left to bleed out, Fowler said. His body was found two days later in a yard near the store with gunshots in the back of his thigh, Weirich said.

Man Holds Burglary Suspects at Gunpoint

A video showing a North Carolina man holding burglary suspects at gunpoint outside of a house has gone viral.

The footage shows Stephen Routh using a pistol to keep the suspects in place as they cower on the back lawn while Asheboro police officers rush to the scene.

Routh said that he watches over the house, which belongs to his parents, and went over with his gun after receiving a call about some strangers being on the property.

He said that when he arrived he saw three people trying to exit the back door and he showed them his gun and told them to get on the ground.

“I had the gun and they were coming out, and as soon as they saw the big gun pointed at them, their hands went up,” Routh told WGHP.

He said that the gun provided him with protection and kept the criminals from leaving, adding that people thinking about breaking into homes should keep in mind that homeowners and residents could be armed, and have the right to shoot.

“There have been too many instances lately of home invasions and these like this where they get caught,” he said. “And some people have been shot and killed, especially those home invasions. People are not taking this mess anymore.”

NTD News reporter Zachary Stieber and The CNN Wire contributed to this report.