Taoyuan Cultural Affairs Director-General: Shen Yun Orchestra ‘Has Majestic Power’


Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra opened its Taiwan tour at Zhongli Arts Hall in Taoyuan, Taiwan on Sept. 20.

Chuang Hsiu-mei, Director General of the Department of Cultural Affairs of Taoyuan said, “The music has Majestic power, like music from heaven. The sound is so precise that you can’t hear any individual instrument’s sound. It’s a collective performance. I think it reflects the cooperation between individuals in finding a resonance point. They have done a seamless job, very natural.”

The audience was so enthusiastic in its response, that the orchestra stayed for three encore performances.

“Oriental music can be presented through a [Western] orchestra—that’s not easy. It’s the first time I’ve heard so many encores. I think it broke the record, ”said clinic president Cheng Renfang.

Luan Fangchiuan is the international business general manager of a real estate company. He said, “during the whole performance, we felt a very strong spiritual presence. Throughout the wonderful presentation of the music, the whole team was very precise and performed the music perfectly. At the same time we were moved by the harmony and positive energy.”

Rotary Club president Hsu Mingfang said, “There was one piece about [Mongolian] Khan. [While listening to it], I really felt like I was on the grasslands, watching thousands of horses racing. Even though it’s only music, I felt I was watching a motion picture.”

Clinic president, Cheng Renfang: “I think this is a once in a lifetime chance and something absolutely everyone should not miss. If you miss it, you won’t get another chance.”

This is the second year Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra has toured in Taiwan. The company will visit nine more cities in Taiwan on the Asian leg of its tour.

Hu Shuhsia and Chang Nianchieh, NTD News in Taoyuan, Taiwan contributed to this report.



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