Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra Music ‘Comes Alive’ in Changhua, Taiwan


Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra Performed in Changhua, Taiwan, at the Yuanlin Performance Hall on Sept. 30. They were greeted by a full audience and gave 3 additional encores.

Acting Deputy Director of Cultural Affairs in Changhua County, Lin Chingwen said, “If you don’t come to hear it, you will have regrets.”

She also said, “Every musical piece takes a life of its own. [The music] has a period of undulation, a period of calmness, and [a period of] surging, like the peak of your life. After your peak, you will return to calmness. After calming down, you slowly understand tranquility. Because of this I feel [the music’s] style is very enjoyable.”

General manager Feng Chifeng said, “The feeling I get from this orchestra is totally different from the feeling I get from watching other Western orchestras. Firstly, the performance was so stunning. Secondly, the performance was so magnificent. There is no way to describe the kind of excitement in my heart. I was very moved.”

He also said, “[The orchestra] really is divine beauty. After listening [to the concert], we felt very comfortable, it was really sensational.”

Amazing! Excellent, especially when the violinist was performing her solo, I noticed the entire orchestra accompanied her exceptionally well,” said Chiang Chiahao, manager of an insurance company.

Ding Shuhui, executive director of a biotechnology company said, “They are very professional. After listening to the whole concert, I was so moved. Especially during the tenor’s performance, tears almost streamed down my face. I was extremely touched.”

The Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra is based in New York, but performs around the world. It combines Eastern and Western instruments in a full orchestra, complemented by performances of opera singers singing Bel canto.

It started as an accompaniment to the dance performances in Shen Yun Performing Arts. The orchestra has been performing solo since 2012, when it debuted at Carnegie Hall in New York.

NTD News in Changhua, Taiwan contributed to this report.

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