Shen Yun Shows the Values We Need Today, Says Finance Firm President


Shen Yun finished its last performance in Purchase, New York, on Dec. 22.

The audience was astounded by the artistic skills of the performers.

“Top notch. Everybody should see it. It’s so beautiful, wonderful,” says painter Betsey Fowler.

Fowler is the wife of Jim Fowler, who is known as the host of the “Wild Kingdom.”

“The acrobats, the male acrobats, are outrageously talented and wonderful. The women move so smoothly as if they’re just a piece of silk. It’s just wonderful,” she added.

“I just thought it was spectacular. It was calming,” says Barbara Ammons, the director of administration at Affinity Advantage Financial. “The dancers’ precision and coordination and smiling on stage—just amazing.”

“They’re very much multi-sensory, and it integrated motion and dance, and just the philosophical and moral dimensions,” says Thomas Ammons, the president of Affinity Advantage Financial. “I think it was timely, the way the show ended about what we need today.”

Shen Yun’s mission goes deeper than just creating a beautiful experience. The performing arts company aims to revive the traditional values of Chinese culture.

Its deeper meaning inspired Thomas Ammons and his wife Barbara.

“It was extremely relevant to what’s happening today throughout our world,” Mr. Ammons added. “So it was especially meaningful to me, and in some ways transformative and I hope that it serves as a unifier, you know, for all cultures and all people.”

“We all have different belief systems, but I think in the end, it all translates into the same common denominator and that is a need to love others and to think of more than yourself.”

Barbara added that the performers have shown how “through integrity and love and working together, so much can be accomplished.”

“It has so much to tell us with the world, how it is today.”

In modern China, traditional culture was nearly destroyed by the communist regime.

After hearing that Shen Yun can not perform in China, the Ammons felt fortunate that they could see this in the United States.

“I’m so happy that they are in the United States to prevail and I will pray that they continue to,” Mrs. Ammons added.  “I hope you [Shen Yun] continue for as long as I am on this earth to come and see this performance.

NTD News, Purchase, New York

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