Pianist Appreciates the Grandeur of Chinese History Portrayed in Shen Yun


The Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra gave two performances in Zhengli Arts Hall in Taoyuan, Taiwan, during the mid-Autumn festival holidays. Many art festival leaders were touched by the superb skills of the artists and the richness in the cultural multi-layered meanings of the music. Of these leading musicians, Song Yunpeng, who was known as the “father of piano” in Taiwan, said that Shen Yun has revived the glory of Chinese culture and is bringing it to the world.

Song Yunpeng, a Leipzig Bach Award winner in harpsichord, was impressed by the precision and unity of the Shen Yun Symphony. He also felt that the music and its melodies present the goodness in human nature.

Song Yunpeng, a famous pianist and harpsichordist: “The idea of the world united that was presented in this performance was very impressive. Shen Yun is extraordinary, taking its audience to revisit China’s former glory through music, which is something that everyone can appreciate, so that the whole world can enjoy. That was the most crucial aspect of the concert. They are not about showing off some fancy skills, but being incredibly descriptive [with their music], [so they can] let human nature flow [through the melody] very naturally. [Or: but using music as a medium to convey the beauty of human nature, so that everything feels real and natural.]

Presenting China’s tradition with a Western symphony is not something easy. As a principal flautist, Tseng Limei felt that the original composition “Homage to the Great Tang Dynasty” was especially stimulating. She described that when she closed her eyes, she could feel as if she was back in the Tang Dynasty, seeing the magnificent scenery of the emperor facing his ministers.

Tseng Limei, principal flautist of Hshinchu Symphony: “I felt as if I could really see it and feel that atmosphere. I can see from the program book that the majority of today’s compositions were composed by the same person, so I’m very curious about him, and I would like to find out more, because I think he’s an amazing composer, because today’s music is a combination of both Eastern and Western music, there are both Eastern and Western pieces.

Yu Tserung: “[I’m impressed by Shen Yun’s] ability to combine both Chinese and Western music without a hint of disharmony, but instead it highlights the Chinese music and makes it more distinctive by using a Western symphony orchestra as its foundation.

Shen Yun Symphony presents music from 5,000 years, making many musicians come to listen in search of inspiration. Shen Yun is opening a new chapter in the history of music.

“I’ve been watching every musician, including the conductor, who I admire the most. [This is because] this conductor has this air about him that can make people in the audience [feel the music], so that their heart rates are increased, or their breathing is slowed down [as the emotion of the music changes].”

NTD News, Taoyuan, Taiwan

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