Orchestra Leader Praises Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra: From Heaven to Earth


Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra had its premiere performance to a full house in Taiwan at the Zhongli Arts Hall in Taoyuan on Sept. 20.

Shen Yun merges Eastern instruments with a Western symphony orchestra.

Youth orchestra director Huang Hanmin, who saw the performance that evening, said the music is like something from the heavens.

“I think the most valuable thing is the way in which the Western symphony is harmonized with the Chinese instruments. I think this is the most difficult part to do well,” Huang said. “But it also allows me to learn the most.”

Referring to the Shen Yun Conductor, Milen Nachev, who is from Bulgaria, he said, “I am very surprised that, especially during the encore, when the conductor directed the Chinese music, you could not see any cultural barrier.”

Flutist Chiang Pinhui said she thought his movements were “very vivid.”

“He was using his body movements to express [the music]. Although I was watching from behind, I feel he brought out the whole spirit [of the performance],” she said.

Wang Chihsiang, who is regional assistant director of Rotary Club 3502, said he thought “The Great Khan” and “Dunhuang” were “very magnificent” performances.

“As a result, I have never seen a more passionate audience,” he said. “In the end, we kept calling out ‘Encore! Encore!’

“It was really so amazing, so amazing.”

Fusing Eastern and Western instruments while maintaining the Chinese cultural elements is one of the unique qualities of the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra.

Hu Shuhsia and Chang Nianchieh, NTD News in Taoyuan, Taiwan contributed to this report.

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