NTD Good Morning Full Broadcast (July 15)

Ivana Trump, Former President Donald Trump’s first wife and mother of his three oldest children, dies at 73.

The House of Representatives passes the annual defense budget bill. This year’s budget is the largest increase in defense spending. We find out why.

Thousands of people in New York, California, and other parts of the U.S. are waiting for Monkeypox vaccination because of supply issues. And cases are rising.

Topics in this episode include:

1. House Passes Defense Budget Bill With Largest Increase in History
2. Saudi Arabia Lifts Ban on Israeli Flights
3. Donald Trump’s Ex-Wife Ivana Trump Dies at 73
4. Monkeypox Cases Growing in NYC and California
5. Dr. Fauci on Rising Testing and Cases of Monkeypox
6. Demand for Monkeypox Vaccine Increases
7. All 44 Missing People Located in Virginia Flood
8. Facebook Post Helps Daughter Locate Missing Mom After Flash Flood
9. Georgia School System to Let Some Non-Officers Carry Guns
10. Family Farm Discusses Economic Challenges
11. Businesses Need to Focus on Employees: Expert
12. ”No, Mario’: Italy’s President Rejects Draghi’s Exit
13. Man Acquitted in Connection With 1985 Bombing Shot Dead
14. Fireworks Cap France Bastille Day Celebrations
15. Sheriff Academy Surprises ‘Junior’ Recruit
16. Webb Telescope Captures New Images of Jupiter Moon
17. Hidden Image Revealed in Reflection of Ancient Artifact