NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace Insists Rope Found in Garage Was a Noose

By Zachary Stieber

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace insisted the rope found in his garage was a noose after an FBI investigation found a rope in the garage assigned to Wallace at an Alabama racetrack was there as early as October 2019.

“The image that I have and I have seen of what was hanging in my garage is not a garage pull,” he said Tuesday night on “CNN Tonight” in his first remarks after the investigation results were announced.

“It was a noose. Whether tied in 2019, or whatever, it was a noose.”

An image of the rope in 2019 in the same garage at Talladega Superspeedway was shown to viewers. It was attached to the garage door, as ropes are used to close the doors after they’re opened.

At the end of the rope was a circle.

Photographs of the alleged noose found Sunday in Wallace’s garage haven’t been made public by the FBI or NASCAR. Pictures of the garage on Monday appear to show the pull rope cut short when compared to the rope in an adjoining garage.

NTD Photo
The #43 Victory Junction Chevrolet, driven by Bubba Wallace, waits in garage #4 at Talladega Superspeedway in Talladega, Ala., on June 22, 2020. The pull rope of Wallace’s garage appears to be cut off when compared to the pull from the adjoining garage. (Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

“I’ve been racing all my life. We’ve raced out of hundreds of garages that never had garage pulls like that. So people that want to call it a garage pull and put out videos and photos of knots as their evidence, go ahead. But from the evidence that we have, that I have, it’s a straight up noose,” Wallace said.

Freddie Kraft, a spotter for Wallace, said on social media that he personally saw pictures of the rope and shared a stock image of a hangman’s knot, or a noose, in defending against accusations that the alleged noose was just a regular garage pull.

“It was a noose,” he told one user. “Garage door was tied in a hangman’s knot. Look it up.”

The FBI and U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama concluded the rope was placed in the garage last year but still described the rope as a noose.

Wood Brothers Racing, which had the garage in the fall of 2019, said one of their employees alerted them that he recalled seeing “a tied handle in the garage pull-down rope from last fall.” Richard Petty Motorsports, which first raised an alarm over the rope, said in a statement that team members “discovered a rope tied in the fashion of a noose.”

Bubba Wallace
Bubba Wallace takes a selfie of himself and of other drivers who had pushed his car to the front in the pits at Talladega Superspeedway before the NASCAR Cup Series auto race in Talladega Ala., on June 22, 2020. (John Bazemore/AP Photo)

And NASCAR said in a statement that the rope was used to pull the garage door down but was “fashioned like a noose.”

NASCAR President Steve Phelps told reporters in a teleconference Tuesday night that the result of the FBI probe “is the best result we could hope for.”

“It was disturbing to hear that it was thought that one of our own had committed this heinous act. It is fantastic to hear from the FBI definitively that there was not a hate crime,” he said.

But presented with the same situation, officials would do the same thing, he added.

Wallace described himself as “mad,” adding: “People were trying to test my character and the person I am. They’re not stealing that from me but they’re trying to test that.”

He added later: “None of the allegations of being a hoax will break me or tear me down. That only fuels the competitive drive in me to shut everybody up and get on the track next week and showcase what I can do behind the wheel under tremendous amounts of BS. Whatever it is you want to say. It won’t break me or tear me down. I will stand proud of where I’m at.”

From The Epoch Times