Japan’s Abe condemns NKorea’s latest missile test, calls for solidarity

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe condemned Pyongyang’s latest missile test on April 29.

“The (missile launch) is a great threat to our country and we cannot allow this. We strongly condemn this. There is ample possibility for further provocations, so we will liaise closely with our ally, the United States, we will be on high alert and do everything we can for the safety of our people,” he said.

He called for solidarity between countries in dealing with the situation.

“This is the time for countries that share the same fundamental values to unite. The international community must come together as one,” said Abe.

“In order to stop further provocative actions by North Korea, there is a need to strengthen the deterrence of the Japan-U.S. alliance and also strengthen the cooperation between the U.S., Japan and South Korea,” he said.

The prime minister urged North Korea to stop its weapons tests.

“We have strongly requested North Korea pay heed the the U.N. resolution and stop dangerous provocations. On this point, Russia’s President Putin is of the same opinion. We also agreed that the countries who share a border with North Korea, Russia, China as well as Japan, U.S. and South Korea must work closely and deal with the situation,” he said.

He also called on China to help pressure Pyongyang.

“We hope that China will take a constructive and solid stance for the denuclearization of North Korea and the implementation of the U.N. resolution,” said Abe.

North Korea launched yet another missile on April 28, further escalating tensions around the Korean Peninsula.