‘It’s a Different China That I Haven’t Seen,’ Says Attorney


Audience members marveled at Shen Yun’s presentation of traditional Chinese culture in Berkeley, California.

“So dynamic and so vibrant,” said Manfred Hettenkofer, VP Product Manager at Model N. “Everything is very well, kind of coordinated, the colors, the background with the dancers, and everything is really beautiful.”

“What I really enjoyed was how they integrated some of the video and then all of a sudden, they would come to life. I didn’t expect all that,” said Franco Finn, host at Kron4. “And the backgrounds were so beautiful and picturesque, with the color and the dancing and everything together. It was a spectacular performance from start to finish.”

Through dance and music, Shen Yun is able to showcase China’s long history of traditional culture.

“The divinity and the old culture of the Chinese traditions—that now you [are] trying to revive here, which is very beautiful—I think it’s a great idea and you get some little education here as well, while you enjoy the show. That’s very nice,” said Hettenkofer.

“During some eras, or some dynasties, they wore long sleeves,” noted Richard Alvarez, a criminal defense attorney. “The dance where they called it—I think “The water sleeves,” where the girls throw out the sleeves—so incredible. The power of the men’s movements. I just thought [it was] so informative.”

Much of traditional Chinese culture is divinely inspired, and some audience members were surprised to see that on stage.

“I only see communist China, you know—I mean that’s all we see on American TV,” said Alvarez. “So, to see something like Shen Yun introducing us and showing us something like China believing in the Creator, and flowers, and beautiful colors—it’s just amazing to me—it’s a different China that I haven’t seen.”

“Anyone can watch it,” said Finn. “It doesn’t matter if you know the language or not, music and art and dance is universal.”

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