Illinois Voters Concerned About Fraud Gather at State Capitol

Voters in Illinois’s capital city Springfield waved American and Trump flags and signs in front of the State Capitol Building on Saturday.

Illinois resident Steve Dedin told us why he was there.

“I’m concerned with our heritage, I’m concerned with, you know, respect for the flag and, and good old fashioned American heritage and American values and morals. And we fight for that today, as we see everybody trying to tear it down our heritage, our statues, erase our history. And it’s wrong. So I drove three hours by myself to stand here, I don’t know any of these people. And I stand here proudly, just to do my part.”

Others raised concerns of voter fraud.

“I have friends that have gotten email saying that they thank you for their mail-in ballot when they didn’t mail in their ballot,” another woman at the rally told NTD.