Hsinchu City Deputy Mayor Spellbound by Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra


Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra performed original compositions and timeless masterpieces from Western classical music at Hsinchu Performing Arts Center on Sept. 11. At the end of the concert, audience members stood and cheered, and the orchestra was compelled to give not one, but three encore performances.

Hsinchu City Deputy Mayor Shen Huihong was particularly impressed by the violin soloist.

“The violin soloist was so terrific. It’s a magical presentation,” said Shen Huihong. “It not only transmits the beauty of the instrument, but it’s also a visual feast.”

”The music is angelic, floating and makes you feel very natural and comfortable,” she added.

City councilor Tseng Tzucheng also said the Shen Yun music comforts his spirit.

”I have been very busy with elections for a while, and my body and mind are very exhausted,” said Tseng Tzu Cheng. Today I am happy to be able to listen to Shen Yun music. I found it very healing for my heart.”

”When I heard Homage to the Great Tang Dynasty, I could imagine the scene of the Great Tang Dynasty, we all have the feeling of being in the process of playing. There is also a repertoire of the Lofty Spirits on the Grasslands, which is also a great way for us to feel the gallop in the Mongolian steppe,” he said.

NTD News, Hsinchu, Taiwan

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