From Washington Mandates to Shanghai Lockdowns, Who Is Making Billions From COVID-19?

The estimated global COVID-19 death toll stands at 6.24 million (1 million in the United States). Other social impacts of COVID-19 and its associated “management” policies, like how school closures have affected children’s development, are harder to quantify, albeit on display among our families and communities.

Economically, COVID-19 and COVID “management” have almost certainly influenced the rising inflation and supply-chain crises we see now around the world.

Yet, amid these multifaceted impacts of COVID-19 and associated policies, from the beginning until now, there have been people, businesses, and institutions making incredible fortunes.

From America to China, I look at the global phenomenon of COVID-19 profiteering against the backdrop of everyday citizens’ distress, endangerment, and gross exploitation.