F.H. Buckley: ‘Progressive Conservatism’ Is GOP’s Golden Ticket

Progressive conservatism: these two words seem to contradict each other. But according to George Mason University law professor F.H. Buckley, “progressive conservatism” is the original way of the Republican Party, beginning with President Abraham Lincoln.

The presidencies of Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, and Donald Trump also fit Buckley’s model of conservatism – one that doesn’t shy away from change. Instead, it says conservatives should make sure they’re the ones controlling the changes.

“Progressivism meant something different to Republicans back in the day. What it meant was, we shouldn’t let the Democratic Party or the left be the sole agent of change, right, because they’ll get it wrong.”

Buckley’s new book, “Progressive Conservatism,” outlines a vision of American policy that promises three things: economic and social mobility, a corruption-free country, and nationalism.

He says taking this path would allow Republicans to become “America’s Natural Governing Party.”

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