Expert: Confrontation Is the Only Way for US-China Relations; Hypersonic Weapon Defense Against China’s Threat

Throughout history, people have only told one tale: the winner’s story. That rings true today. The United States and China are at the brink of one of the biggest showdowns in politics, ideology, and power. Can the Biden administration break through the mirage of peace between communist China and the liberal democratic west led by the United States? Whether it’s a great power showdown, strategic competition, or a race for global leadership, only the winner gets to write the next chapter.

I am joined by Bradley Thayer, China expert and a founding member of the Committee on Present Danger: China, to discuss the inevitable confrontation that will occur and the right to rule the next decades in the world as the commanding superpower. Will current China under the totalitarian model of communism triumph over western freedoms and its ideals, or will history move forward, escaping communism and fully embracing freedom and liberty?