Donald Trump Jr: Mueller Was a ‘Figurehead’ Who ‘Could Sell the Democrats Narrative’

Donald Trump Jr. believes that former special counsel Robert Mueller was a leader in name only for the Russia investigation.

“Like the rest of the Russia hoax it’s obvious Mueller himself was just part of the illusion, a figurehead that would be hard to attack who could sell the Democrats narrative effectively,” wrote Trump Jr. “That’s all he was while team Hillary did the Dems bidding at the expense of America. Enough”

Ten minutes later, Trump Jr. asserted that the Democrats manipulated Mueller because he had a good past reputation.

The Democrats used Mueller for his reputation from long ago while allowing their radical henchmen to do their bidding in his name. There’s nothing the Democrats won’t destroy to further their agenda & to attempt to hurt @realDonaldTrump.” Adding that, “Their failures & desperation are obvious”

Donald Trump Jr. wrote on Twitter on Wednesday, “Serious question: Has Mueller even heard of Mueller?”

He was then interviewed by Tucker Carlson from Fox News, who thought that question summed it up well.

Carlson asked Trump Jr. to elaborate on his question.

“I think the American people finally saw it, that this man—who was the lead of the largest investigation in American history, really the largest hoax at this point—he didn’t have a fundamental understanding of not only where it began, but what was even involved,” responded Trump Jr.

“Ultimately, I think the American public saw that he was put in there as a figurehead because he was the former leader of the FBI—he was a decorated Marine and that he would do what’s right.”

Trump Jr. said that Mueller hired 19 Hillary Clinton-donor lawyers and that the whole probe was a hoax.

“This guy put in 19 leftist, Hillary Clinton-donor lawyers,” the said Trump Jr.

“He had no idea who was running the ship. The inmates were running the asylum. Those inmates were the Democrat Party.”

Trump Jr. said in the interview with Fox that the Mueller investigation was exposed even further to be a hoax due to the fact that Mueller said he is not familiar with Fusion GPS.

He said: “I see a congressman ask, ‘let’s talk about Fusion GPS’—’I’ve never heard of it’.”

“That’d be like a builder talking about not understanding what a foundation is. To not even have a finite understanding of how this all started tells the American public everything they need to know,” he said.

Trump Jr. was referencing to a series of questions Rep. Steve Chabot (R-Ohio), member of the House Judiciary Committee, asked Mueller during his testimony.

“When discussing the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting, you reference ‘the firm that produced the Steele reporting.’ The name of that firm was Fusion GPS. Is that correct?” Chabot asked.

Mueller asked for clarification to his assistant and scrambled to search the 400 plus page report.

“Page 103. That’s correct, Volume II. When you talk about the firm that produced the Steele reporting, the name of the firm that produced that was Fusion GPS. Is that correct?” Chabot asked again.

“I am not familiar with—with that, I—,” Mueller replied.

“It was. It’s not a trick question. It was Fusion GPS,” Chabot said.