Rescueing a crocodile from a flooded canal in Sri Lanka

A crocodile got stuck in a flooded canal in Sri Lanka, and it happened to be one of the biggest crocodiles ever seen on the island. It’s estimated to be 17 feet long with a weight of close to a ton, one local environmentalist said. The crocodile was found in the city of Matara in the south of the island.

Previously, due to heavy rainfall, the water levels of the Nilwala River rose; thus, the crocodile left the river and went over into a canal to look for food. As the Nilwala water levels slowly sank back to normal, the canal was truncated naturally from the Nilwala river, and the crocodile became trapped and couldn’t return.

Officials from the wildlife department of Sri Lanka came to the rescue, captured the crocodile, put him on a truck and released him back to the Nilwala river. Enjoy this video below showing the release of the huge crocodile back into the Nilwala river: