COVID-19 Cases Keep Emerging in Southwest China, Despite Authorities’ ‘Zero Infections’ Claim

Since a new wave of COVID-19 broke out in China’s Yunnan Province last month, local infection cases continue to be reported. More locally transmitted cases have been confirmed this week, despite the Chinese regime’s claim of  “zero local infections.”

China’s Health Commission released an update on its official website, claiming that there were 12 confirmed cases on April 12 and nine new cases on April 13 in mainland China, including two locally transmitted cases in Yunnan.

The two cases in Yunnan were discovered in the third round of nucleic acid testing in Ruili city on April 11. The citywide testing was completed on April 13.

Since the end of March, local outbreaks have continued to occur in Yunnan. On April 7, Chinese media reported that 11 new cases were confirmed in Ruili.

Chinese authorities have constantly concealed the truth and official data may not represent the true scale of the COVID-19 epidemic in mainland China.

Chinese netizens believe that the recent outbreak in Yunnan has not been contained, and people are panicked. Many netizens reminded each other that everyone should be mindful and take protective measures. Others pointed out that the mass testing will become the norm and that the epidemic is far from over.

According to mainland Chinese media, Gong Yunzun, secretary of the Ruili Municipal Committee, was removed from his post and placed under investigation on April 8 for allegedly failing to control the outbreak in the city.

Soon after, the Chinese regime announced that there was “zero local infections” in Ruili. However, state-run Xinhua News Agency reported on April 10 that Ruili would carry out a third round of nucleic acid testing for all its residents.

U.S.-based China current affairs commentator Zhong Yuan pointed out in an article that if the outbreak in Ruili is really contained, then why would it be necessary for all the residents to get tested for a third time?

The situation in Ruili shows that the CCP has worked hard to cover up the real epidemic situation in the mainland, but its preventive measures are full of loopholes, he said.

From The Epoch Times