Couple Born on the Same Day in Same Hospital Get Married

Do you believe in soul mates? Or fate?

Jessica Gomes and Aaron Bairos are a couple from rival schools in Taunton, Massachusetts, who met through friends back in 2007, according to PEOPLE.

After their meeting, they connected with each other and soon began dating.

According to Gomes and Bairos, from the moment they met, they realized that they completed each other.

“She brings out the best in me,” Bairos told CBS Philadelphia in an interview. “I think we balance each other out quite well.”

Gomes said Bairos is a people person, and she loved his personality.

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“I knew from the very beginning that he was different—he was respectful and he made me laugh,” Gomes said, according to PEOPLE. “He still makes me laugh! No one else can do that. From the start, we both knew we were right for each other.”

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After dating for nine years, the couple got married.

In the early days when they started dating, the couple soon realised that their relationship was more intertwined than they had originally thought.

The couple found out that they shared the same birthday, probably back when they were still talking on AIM, AOL’s instant messenger, Gomes tells PEOPLE.

“I didn’t believe him at first when he told me he had the same birthday, it was crazy, I thought he was trying to pull a smooth one and win me over,” Gomes said.

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Gomes showed Bairos his proof that their birthdays matched while the pair were attending the same driver’s education class.

Later, the couple celebrated their birthdays every year with their families.

Their families then figured out that both Gomes and Bairos were born in the same hospital.

This was only possible when Gomes’s grandmother showed them the news clipping that she saved of Gomes’s birth.

It turns out, the couple had been born just two hours apart.

After further examining the news clipping, the families believe that Gomes and Bairos were the only names listed to have been born that day.

“SATURDAY—A girl was born to Bradford and Maria (Valadao) Gomes of 57 Red Circle. A boy was born to Earnesto and Idelta (Moniz) Bairos of 49 Purchase St,” the news clipping read.

They even found a photo of Gomes in the maternity ward—and while they can’t be sure, it looked like Bairos was next to her, according to CBS Philadelphia.

The couple’s parents recalled greeting each other in the hospital that day.

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“Our parents thought it was hilarious,” Gomes says, according to PEOPLE, “and they knew it was something special.”

When asked whether it was good timing or if it was meant to be, Gomes said that she thought it was fate. Bairos, on the other hand, thought it was a bit of both. Gomes calls him a realist.

In November 2015, Bairos proposed to Gomes and on Sept. 9, 2016, the couple got married. According to PEOPLE, the romantic proposal took Gomes off guard.

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Bairos and Gomes held their ceremony at the Holy Family Church in East Taunton, a place where the past five generations of the Gomes family has been married.

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“We’re still getting ready for the married life, but it’s been awesome so far,” Gomes told PEOPLE. “But we hope our story can bring a smile to people’s faces, because that’s what the world needs right now.”