China: Organ Transplants to Meet Economic Development

China’s former health minister, Huang Jiefu, says the country’s rapid development of organ transplantation still doesn’t meet the needs of economic development. Adding that he hopes in three years, 2023 China will perform the most organ transplants of any country in the world.

His comments came last Friday, during an organ transplant forum in Beijing.

Huang is currently chairman of the Organ Transplant Development Foundation. He said that the United States carries out more than 30,000 organ transplants every year. And in line with the speed of economic development, the number done in China should increase to 50,000 a year.

Ling Xiaohui, a Sydney-based Chinese affair commentator, said the actual number of organ transplants in China has already far exceeded 50,000.

“The number of organ transplants in China is actually much higher than in other countries such as the U.S. There is an international consensus that China has a huge underground human organ bank that provides organs from living bodies. They mainly come from Falun Gong practitioners and other detainees of ethnic minorities.”

According to Chinese media, this June, a Chinese girl living in Japan went back to China for a heart transplant. Within ten days, a hospital in Wuhan had found three matching hearts that could be transplanted. Based on media reports, a patient in Japan usually has to wait around three years to get a heart transplant.

The articles didn’t explain why, in China, 3 hearts could be found for her within 10 days. Instead, the Chinese Regime’s media mouthpieces praised the case as a success story for China’s medical system.

Ling says he believes Huang is vigorously promoting the development of the country’s so-called organ transplant industry, only in order to cover up the illegal organ market.