China in Focus (May 7): Chinese Officials Silence Wuhan Mourners

By NTD Newsroom

Censorship and underreporting has led to mystery around how many people died from the virus in China. Now, officials are silencing Wuhan residents who’ve lost loved ones.

Shortage of corn in China has led to a spike in prices. Many worry about downstream repercussions, as corn makes up more than 60 percent of the country’s fodder.

Beijing is under growing scrutiny for its handling of the CCP virus. But experts say the cause of the pandemic is not the only cover up that needs investigating.

The House Minority Leader has launched a “China Task Force.” It will take on China-related topics, including the Chinese Communist Party’s foreign influence operations as well as questions relating to the CCP virus.

A Florida law firm has filed a lawsuit against the Chinese regime for hoarding and stockpiling personal protective equipment. The class action suit was brought by medical workers in the United States.

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