China In Focus (May 25): Hong Kong’s Special Status At Stake

By NTD Newsroom

Hong Kong erupted into protest on Sunday in the wake of a new law pushed by Beijing. Many fear an end to many freedoms enjoyed by the people as the Chinese regime’s works to increase its influence over the city.

Beijing is vowing to push ahead the controversial law that could end Hong Kong’s autonomy. The White House says it could lead to sanctions and the city’s special trading status could be at stake.

Officials continue to downplay the severity of the CCP virus outbreak in China’s northeastern Jilin province. But an internal CDC report gives a different story.

In an exclusive interview, a widow in Wuhan tells us her heart-wrenching story of how the CCP’s coverup of the virus in early January led to her husband’s death.

And a Harvard professor speaks out after being misrepresented by Chinese state media on the origin of the virus.

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