Car of Missing Marine Found 5 Months After He Was Last Seen

The car belonging to a missing marine was found in eastern Arizona on the morning of Thursday, Jan. 23, according to a Facebook post.

Patricia Conger, the missing marine’s twin sister, had, since her twin brother, Jesse Conger’s, disappearance more than five months ago, been using her Facebook as a means to try and locate her brother. Jesse Conger was last seen on Aug. 14, 2019, in Scottsdale, Arizona. He had left everything behind, Patricia Conger said.

According to one of her earlier posts from August 2019 regarding her missing brother, she wrote that her brother had “left without his wallet/ID, phone & service dog.” In the details, she stated that her brother had “several tattoos and bright blue eyes,” and drove a “silver Toyota Camry with Nevada Plates.” In addition to the details, Patricia Conger mentioned that her brother was a veteran suffering from PTSD and had depression.

Over the past five months, Patricia Conger had received numerous pieces of information regarding the whereabouts of her twin. A monetary reward had been put in place for anyone finding her brother, according to several posts. Bill Pulte, a billionaire from Detroit, offered a $10,000 reward to the person who finds Jesse Conger, according to a post.

In the most recent update, Patricia Conger said that three men working in eastern Arizona found her brother’s car on Thursday morning. Patricia Conger posted that the car had been there for more than a month, and the reason nobody had noticed it earlier was that the car blended in with the surrounding terrain. All tire tracks made by the car were washed away by rain long ago, according to the post.

The post also stated that the only reason why the three men were able to see it was the way the car reflected sunshine from a brake light.

“The car had the keys in the ignition, and Jesse’s maps and fishing/hunting gear is still there. Jesse’s pistol is not there. I haven’t been able to confirm if the Xanax or Tramadol was there,” Patricia Conger wrote in the post.

“At first I was told they’d bring out hounds to pick up a scent, then they decided even if it had only been a month, it was too long because of the amount of rain in the last month. Then they said they were doing a search on foot and requesting an aerial search from [the] department of public safety. They conducted a two-mile radial search, but the department of public safety did not come out. And no cadaver dogs were used,” she wrote.

Patricia Conger said in the post that officers were done with their search for any signs of her twin. Although she was disappointed the police weren’t able to locate him, she did mention that authorities were no longer viewing Jesse Conger as a fugitive and simply a person who left on his own accord.

“Jesse’s arrest warrant was dropped sometime in December, so he is no longer a ‘fugitive,'” Patricia Conger wrote.

Patricia Conger wrote in the post that she would continue to search for her brother, and would not divulge the location where the car was found so that the search dogs could look for her brother undisturbed. She also thanked those who found her brother’s car, writing, “thank you so much for paying attention and keeping watch over your fellow man.”