Capitol Report (May 24): Pelosi Responds After Denied Communion; Big Primary Races in Multiple States

Tuesday night, there are key primary elections happening in Georgia, Texas, and Alabama. And with Democrats holding a very slim majority in Congress, every vote counts. This year’s midterms could flip the balance of power in the nation’s Capitol. We’ll take a look at how these races are unfolding.

Former Virginia Attorney General and acting deputy director of Homeland Security Ken Cuccinelli join us to discuss Georgia’s primary and the so-called “new normal” of prolonged periods of vote tabulating, one of which is still underway in the state of Pennsylvania.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reacted after an archbishop denied her communion over her stance on abortion.

President Joe Biden’s recent remarks on defending Taiwan militarily—in the event of a Chinese invasion—are causing a stir. Was that the president saying a gaffe or insight into America’s policy on the China-Taiwan relationship? Questions also remain as to whether it was intentional. An expert explains why he is confident that Biden meant what he said and that it was not a gaffe.

Senior fellow at America First Policy Institute Steve Yates joins us to discuss America’s relationship with China and Taiwan moving forward.

Weeks after the Supreme Court draft opinion was leaked, the public still knows nothing about who did it. But we do have some information about the person who is handling the investigation.

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