Capitol Report (Jan. 21): Thousands Join March in Washington DC

Thousands in favor of pro-life gathered in our nation’s capital, walking in the 49th annual march for life. We take a look at their plans for protecting the unborn.

We have two prominent voices in the pro-life movement with us to discuss Friday’s events and the mission behind them. One of these voices was a former director at Planned Parenthood.

The Marine Corp announces that an additional group of Marines will be kicked out for not getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

President Joe Biden urges mayors across the country to spend more funding for infrastructure. He’s also calling for more funding for police.

With this week marking Biden’s first year in office, his grades are still coming in. Polling shows that most Americans are concerned about rising inflation and the economy. We have the Republican leader of the House Budget Committee here to discuss.

The Washington, D.C., auto show is back in town. Domestic and foreign manufacturers put their latest models on display. The D.C. area’s vintage car clubs also rolled in a fleet of restored classics.

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