Capitol Report (Feb. 14): Durham Probe Heating Up

Senators on Capitol Hill are taking action to ban tax dollars from being used to pay for drug paraphernalia. In an effort to force the Biden administration’s hand, Senator Blackburn is using leverage to hold up a government funding bill.

The headlines are reading that Russia is poised to invade Ukraine at any moment, but Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is painting a different picture. We’ll bring you perspective on both possibilities.

Beginning from tomorrow, D.C. residents no longer have to show proof of vaccination to enter most businesses. The D.C. mayor also made another announcement about masks. We’ll have the details coming up.

The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) has been getting away with murder, literally and figuratively, for decades. Now there are members of the United States Congress who have introduced a bill to hold CCP members individually accountable. And the CCP is fighting back. We’ll bring you the details.

This year, second graders from an elementary school in Washington D.C. designed the White House’s Valentine’s Day decorations. The kids also had a chance to tour the White House to see their work.

And according to a new court filing by U.S. special prosecutor John Durham’s office, the Hilary Clinton campaign allegedly paid an internet company to infiltrate servers at Trump Tower and the White House.

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