Capitol Report (April 22): D.C. On Edge After Shooting in Broad Daylight

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) is testifying in court. When asked if Joe Biden lost the presidential election, she said, “Well, yes.”

As pandemic-related restrictions continue to be rolled back, the aftermath of lockdowns is starting to show. We take a look at some of the collateral damage and speak to psychiatrist Carole Lieberman to better understand the unintended consequences of the lockdowns. 

To mark Earth Day, President Joe Biden signed an executive order to preserve forests. We’ll take a look at these details along with a closer look at the administration’s climate change agenda.

What happens when Amazon and Starbucks employees decide to unionize? These corporations with self-proclaimed Democrats at the helm are not interested in that possibility and they are pushing back.

The United States is moving closer to delisting some major Chinese firms, as a fight goes on between the world’s two largest economies over auditing laws.

There’s been a dramatic reversal for Honduras’s ex-president. The then-ally in the war on drugs is now extradited to the United States over drug trafficking charges. What’s coming next?

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