California Today Full Broadcast (May 10)

A senator from Southern California introduced a new bill that she hopes will be a blueprint for abortion laws in the state. But during their meeting, the public voiced no support.

May 10 is National Fentanyl Awareness Day. A Santa Clara supervisor is turning to social media to stop illicit fentanyl.

We’re one month away from California’s primary elections. But recently a woman allegedly found a box of mail-in ballots on the sidewalk in Southern California. The local registrar is investigating.

Car not charging? Apparently more than a quarter of electric car-charging stations in the San Francisco Bay Area are not functioning. Problems range from short cables, unresponsive screens, payment failures, to broken connectors.

The school district in Orange County made a change to how students can choose the public school they attend.

And our show’s favorite bird had a gender reveal party—sort of. The group who have had a webcam on the eagle family for most of the young bird’s life now can say with confidence whether its a male or female.