California Today Full Broadcast (Feb. 24)

Hank the Tank, a large bear in Lake Tahoe, is not afraid of walking around town. Authorities say he hasn’t hurt anyone but has damaged homes while looking for food.

Target lifts its mask mandate for shoppers and employees regardless of their vaccination status.

In a viral video, a teacher is seen bear hugging and forcibly dragging a student out of his class. The student’s mother said her son respectfully refused to wear a mask and wanted to stay and learn without a mask on.

Gov. Gavin Newsom and a lawmaker are considering ways to stave off high prices at the pumps. One analyst said higher prices are likely to come anyway with warmer weather.

The University of California received a record number of freshman applications for the upcoming school year. Most are from California.

Intimate footage shows two of America’s iconic raptors caring for their chicks-to-be atop a snow-dusted pine tree. The pair are nesting in Southern California, and the baby bald eagles are due any day.