Beijing 2022 in Jeopardy? Omicron Crushes China’s ‘Zero-COVID’; Robert Atkinson on Tech IP Theft in China

Is Omicron going to crush Beijing’s chance to hold the Olympic Games? The latest variant is highly contagious, and it challenges the effectiveness of Beijing’s “zero-COVID” policy—in which the Chinese regime will lock down an entire city in an attempt to eliminate COVID in the area. In this episode, I lay out some of the political implications and hard choices Xi Jinping, the Chinese leader, has to make facing the ongoing surge.

And I spoke with Dr. Robert Atkinson, president and founder of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, who tells us what risks are associated with tech companies that are invested in China. Recent news regarding Tesla’s new store in Xinjiang drew wide attention. Atkinson tells us how China steals intellectual property and then weaponizes it through export.